Deep Sea Resort- The Best Place to Stay In Neil Island

Activities & Benefits

Experience the luxury at Deep Sea Resort as one of the best place to stay in Neil Island. The most comfortable and luxurious stay during your holidays to Andaman & Nicobar Island.  You can Book your room online directly to get the best deals from us.


Scuba Diving

Most of the scuba diving activity in Andaman Island takes place in Neil Island or Havelock Island. Visitors from around the world visit this place just to enjoy Scuba diving in Andaman and explore the marine while experiencing Scuba diving in Andaman.



Best beach snorkeling place in the Andamans. A lot of coral between the beach side and the rocks on the other side of the island that are quite deep and have lots of fish. The reef is shallow and one can walk out on the nice sandy bottom of the beach.


Jet Ski

Jet Ski Ride is among the most popular Adventure Water Sport Activities in the lagoons of Andaman Islands and does not require you to be trained. The guys who pilot the Jet Ski are thoroughly are well experienced, very friendly and helpful as the utmost care is taken regarding the safety of the tourists.


Glass Bottom Boat

Glass Bottom Boat Ride is one of the best options for those who want adventures. One can enjoy the beautiful world of coral marine life in this ride. Travelers get an opportunity to enjoy the coral view without getting wet. One can also see coral reefs, varieties of fishes, and other marine lives.


Banana Ride

Banana Boat ride could be the best ride for your buck on the beach with a capacity of more than 5 people. It is an inflated tube that carries passengers and is towed by a boat while the riders hold on and tries not to fall off – which eventually happens. It’s a secure family fun activities were passengers wear life jackets for safety and accompanied by experienced professionals.


Sunset Point

While the bird watching and all other exciting activities keep you amazed through the day, it’s the sunset from the sunset point that will undoubtedly steal the show and leave you awestruck for a long time ahead. Only 4 km walking distance by the peaceful beach and you are at famous sunset point at Lakshmanpur Beach.

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New Year Event - Get your friends and family together and see Andaman light up for the new year, with parties, fireworks, cruises and more on New Year’s in Deep Sea Resort.

Group DJ - We host Group DJ program at the lane of our very own resort belting out the nation’s favorite music and fireworks to entertain you.